Access To Great Education & Opportunity For Students

Most Aurora residents will attend one of two K-12 school districts - Aurora Public Schools or Cherry Creek Schools.
Both offer a wide range of educational opportunities for students. From magnet schools, to charter programs, to neighborhood schools you'll find lots of options for your child's unique learning needs. Both districts boast a robust gifted and talented focus, renown sports programs and extracurricular activities to engage students.

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public Schools (APS) is Aurora’s original school district, and with more than 160 languages spoken in the district - diversity is their strength. APS is home to Aurora Quest K-8 which is one of the top-rated schools in Colorado, consistently earning Colorado's John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award. Their graduates go on to do great things, with many admitted into elite colleges and universities like Stanford, MIT and Yale. They are also earning prestigious financial awards from the Boetcher Foundation, Daniels Fund, DELL, Amazon and more.

Cherry Creek School District

In 2023 the Cherry Creek School District was ranked as the best district in the state for teachers compared to nearly 200 districts in Colorado because of their commitment to core values, high average salary and low turnover rate. Preparing students for the next chapter is a focus district-wide - with rigorous classes, career-centered learning opportunities like the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, internships, and a supportive community of peers, friends, mentors and trusted adults. With more than 53,000 students, the Cherry Creek School District is one of the top performing school districts in Colorado. The district serves Aurora as well as three other surrounding communities.

Brighton Public Schools

Aurora residents who live in the Highpoint at DIA neighborhood attend Brighton Public Schools.

Douglas County School District

Residents of Aurora’s Rocking Horse and Inspiration neighborhoods along Gartrell Road, just north of Inspiration Road, are part of the Douglas County School District.